Strong in weakness


In my weakest moments God is so strong.

That’s why I don’t quit, why giving up is not an option. HE is the reason that keeps me going, HE is the one who carries me through. Because HE does not give up on me, I will also not give up on others. HE will never leave me nor forsake me, HE will never let me down. HE is always right by my side. And if I focus on HIM and on HIS love, there’s nothing that can tear me down. I know that I could NEVER do it on my own. But I know as well that through HIM I can do anything, I can do all things, cause it’s HIM who gives me strength, nothing is impossible. I know that if God is for me, nothing and no one can ever stand against me. I know that my God is so much greater. The one who stands behind me is so much greater than anything that is ahead of me. I know that God will not allow more than I can carry. In every situation HE is right there to help me, to motivate me, to push me, to encourage me, to enable me to do whatever HE wants me to do.

I know that in my weakest moments God is so strong.




„Then you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

                                                                                               John 8, 32

Das kann uns manchmal im ersten Augenblick nicht so vorkommen. Oft kann die Wahrheit erstmal ganz schön wehtun. Aber letztendlich macht sie uns frei, z.B. von Dingen die in unserem Leben nicht in Ordnung sind und durch die Wahrheit ins Licht kommen. Gott möchte unsere Herzen durch seine Wahrheit heilen. Ganz oft versucht der Teufel uns durch Lügen von Gott abzubringen und uns runter zu machen. Diese Lügen tauchen in unseren Gedanken, in den Medien, unter anderen Menschen, eigentlich so ziemlich überall auf.

Aber wir können uns entscheiden: Glauben wir den Lügen Satans oder der Wahrheit Gottes? Leben wir ein Leben in Angst, Unsicherheit und Zweifel oder in der Wahrheit, im Licht, in Freiheit und in Gottes Nähe?

Sobald Lügen in unseren Köpfen auftauchen, müssen wir sie mit der Waffe, die…

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