Finding God in disappointment

What are your hopes, what are your expectations and are they becoming fulfilled or not? We all face disappointments. When our dreams didn’t come true, when the breakthrough we prayed for is not happening, when we are rejected or hurt by other people,…

The result of disappointments is that we have doubts, fear, confusion, questions and bitterness in our hearts.

Do I really trust that God is who HE is, that HE’s my redeemer my healer, my friend, my father? Will HE really take care of me? Is HE really trustworthy? In all these questioning, doubting, in all this confusion we have two choices:

Either we sit down and stop walking, staying in the fog of all this confusion, being sick of our circumstances which is also staying in the secure where we don’t get hurt.

Or we trust God and HIS voice, who wants to lead us. The choice to take HIS hand and let Him lead you until you see again is YOURS.

Will you choose to take HIS Hand? The fear of disappointment keeps us from being fully alive. Being fully alive brings a lot of risks. The risk of stepping out in faith, the risk of not knowing how it ends.

Let go all this fear and understand that God is who HE says HE is. HE is so after your heart. HE is so faithful. Even though I don’t know where HE’s gonna take me, I know that HE’s faithful, and HE’s gonna lead me and HE’ll not leave me out there in the middle of nowhere.

What we have to do is facing the fact that we’ve been disappointed or hurt, etc. And then give it back to the LORD. Give him your heart, your feelings, your emotions, your fears, doubts, sorrows. Pray and trust HIM that HE’ll take care of it. Read HIS word. If things don’t turn out as you’d like to, don’t close your bible but especially during these times open it and seek the LORD; seek what HE’s saying to you and let him minister to your heart. Give thanks to the LORD. Gratitude to the LORD changes our whole perspective.

God is good and HE’s faithful and HE’s not holding one little thing away from you that you need and that HE has prepared for you. I know in the depths of my heart that M Y   G O D   I S   F A I T H F U L. Because I know that HIS plans are higher than mine.

HE’S so T R U S T W O R T H Y. HE gave his life for me so why do I even doubt that HE’ll not take care of me?

Don’t try to stay safe and secure but missing out the life God has prepared for you. It means to risk and to step out in an Adventure.

But in all of this you’ll see HIS mercy, kindness and faithfulness; that HE’s good and will take care of you. No matter if your prayers are not turning out the way you want it to- God knows what HE’s doing.

So many times our perspective is limited, but God, the creator of our hearts, HE knows so much better what we need. Questions, thoughts, doubts are good and important. It’s okay that we cry and grieve but it shouldn’t end there. It should always go: “God what are you saying? Where are you in all of that and what do you have for me?”

HE’ll never leave you, never let you down, never fail you. He’ll walk with you through disappointment and hard seasons and will lead you into greatness.